A Review of The Classic Canvas Duffel and Cargo Duffel by TopKit.com October 18 2013

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The High-End Duffel You'll Want and Your Lady Will Love

Posted October 1, 2013 by Rick Andreoli & filed under Gear, Outdoor.

Industry Portage produces incredibly cool travel gear for men. Not boys who want a bag for their sweaty gym clothes or guys needing something they can shove their (possibly washed) jeans and t-shirts into before a trip. No, these beautiful duffels, canvas briefcases and dopp kits are for men who take care of themselves and appreciate style, but who like to show it off in a simple, understated fashion.

We tried out the Ivory Classic Duffel and the Gray Cargo Duffel, and both were instant hits with friends. When my buddy picked up the Classic Duffel, he immediately checked out the suede handles and detailing, the canvas lining and the cobalt blue interior, saying, “I love this!” And his girlfriend, who’s been trying to move him away from his gym bags-as-luggage mentality, immediately responded, “Me too! Let’s get one. Now.”

Whether or not this is the duffel that can save relationships is up for debate, but it is definitely simple, sophisticated and un-fussy. It’s also beautiful, with polished chrome hardware and zippers, and a water-resistant bottom to withstand regular traveling. A side zipper pocket is great for keys or phones, and one interior pocket is perfect for anything you want isolated. While the ivory color might seem like a risk, it’s pretty resistant to discoloration even with everyday usage. After two weeks in and out of the car trunk, house and closet, it never got stained. Even when hiking boots landed a good heap of dust on the side, a couple quick pats with the hand cleaned it up. However, if that’s not enough reassurance, Industry Portage also offers a navy version as well.

Where the Classic Duffel shies away from pockets, the rugged Cargo Duffel has plenty — so many that we initially thought it looked like a fancy diaper bag. But that’s actually the success of this duffel. It’s made with premium, sail-quality canvas, so you can use it for anything: the gym, market, beach, camping, a plane trip, or even a diaper bag. And, to be clear, you’d be the hottest dad on the playground if you showed up with this.

It’s constructed so that the bag stays upright when placed on the ground, and the water-resistant nylon bottom lets you go anywhere. Five outside pockets, plus two big interior pouches, the main compartment and six small pen-sized sleeves — all in that classic cobalt blue — make this is the ultimate helper for on-the-go men who like to be organized.

Some things are worth the money, and that’s definitely the case with Industry Portage bags. You not only get a quality product that’s functional and stands up to your life, but you also get a duffel with style.