Hybrid Motorized Carry Bag

$4,000.00 $8,000.00


Folks, today we offer an exclusive never seen before.

It's our fully featured, hybrid motorized carry bag for work, leisure, and travel from The Industry Portage Co.

This eco-friendly self-powered premium portage has been in development since we started back in 2010.  Using ethanol, electric, and even a solar-powered option, this beast of burden will climb 45 degree inclines and reach speeds up to 25mph with its ultra-efficient five HP motor. Choose from 9 different speed control settings with a last speed memory function which maintains your desired pace without adjustments.  Using bluetooth and IR technology, your new Hybrid Motorized Carry Bag will stay with you like a well-trained Weimeraner. With over 8 cu. ft. of storage and tested for over 500lbs. of cargo, this baby will outpace your donkey or ox any day. ABS brakes and remote control come standard.  An interior LCD control panel will indicate your battery level, weather, speed, and even allow access to mobile-themed websites with our optional wireless plan.

Also available in Absolute Black, Streaky Silver, Sunset Red, Tangerine Orange, Caribbean Aqua, J Crew Chartreuse, Vanilla Sky, Indigo Girls, Purple Nurple, and Majestic Magenta.


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Supplies are LIMITED so act now!



We GUARANTEE that you will be completely satisfied with our product, or your money back. We understand the importance of each and every client and will do our very best to exceed your expectations. Above and beyond the Industry Portage design, manufacturing and sales team, our greatest assets are our satisfied customers. We resolve to maintain a dialogue with those who own our bags as well as those looking to invest in one of our designs. We understand that in this evolving and constantly changing world that word of mouth, recommendations, reviews, and positive opinion matter to the success of any endeavor, venture, or business.