Milton's Basic Tote


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NOTE: The item pictured here has been sold.  If you are interested in a customized version of one our items or a fully custom made bag to your specifications, send us a note.


LIMITED EDITION ITEM: This is truly a one of a kind upcycled basic tote bag and the second design made from "Milton's" suede welder's jacket originally produced by the John Tillman Co.


Unlike the first welder’s jacket I had to work with (see our first Suede Welder's Tote), this one was found with very few spark burns or oil stains.  Still, the slight wear and tear of the ultra soft suede material gives it a nice patina and feel in your hands.  Like any thing made with great craftsmanship, it will only get better with age.


For this design, I decided on a more vertical and compact tote design, perfect for carrying that iPad along with a few files and essentials. The soapstone arm pockets on the welder's jacket become an excellent pen pocket for quick access.  The John Tillman Co. logo was kept visible on the inside as well as the original model number and markings on the inside "Tillman 2480M".

This is truly for the man or woman who needs a simple tote to carry select essentials close at hand.  In honor of the man who once wore this jacket for his craft, we've named this limited edition brief/tote the Milton.
  • 13-3/4" high x 12-5/8" wide x 1" wide
  • Ultra-soft suede upcycled from a welder’s jacket
  • Includes two soapstone outside pockets.  
  • Created in July 2012.
  • Sourced and constructed in the USA.

If you are interested in a customized version of one our items or a fully custom made bag to your specifications, contact us at



If The Lamp Shade FitsDaily deliciousness

"I don't have to tell you, my delicious Dumplings, that I'm lucky enough to have the smartest, most creative and best-looking followers in all the blogosphere. Several moons ago, RJ Diaz chimed in with a particularly witty insight. I trailed him back to his website and found that he makes some seriously handsome bags under the label Industry Portage. I fell hard for hisSuede Welder's Tote before noticing the one-off wonder was already sold. 

Made from an actual welder's protective pigskin jacket, the bag is assembled from carefully cut pieces.

RJ recently let me know he'd tracked down another vintage welder's jacket and whipped up version 2.0. Behold the Milton Tote - a bona fide beauty of blue collar origins. Made in America, this cleverly upcycled bag features strategically-placed pockets and several cubic feet (approximately) of storage.

Head on over to RJ's place to check out all of his glorious man bags!


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